There are a number of issues involved in dividing the assets and debts of the parties to a divorce, including valuation methods and determining what is "marital" and what is "non-marital." Minnesota law generally provides for an equitable (almost always equal) division of marital property.

Many divorce litigants are accused of “dissipating” marital assets by their spouse or opposing counsel. Quite often, however, that term is misapplied. Those who have “dissipated” assets stand to have a credit assigned to them for the value of lost property. If you’ve been accused of dissipating marital assets, we can help.

“Dissipation,” just like

Parenting time and custody may seem like natural areas of contention, but sometimes, the nastiest divorces spiral out of control due to disagreements regarding property division. This ordeal can be frustrating even when spouses part on amicable terms. In the interest of clarity, we’ve highlighted a few of the specific aspects of property division worth considering as a Minnesota resident in the midst of divorce:

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When picturing the financial implications of divorce, most spouses worry about their houses or alimony. Often, however, other issues warrant more attention. For some couples, retirement can be the most impacted aspect of divorce — and also, the most difficult to navigate. This is especially true in Minnesota, where courts make it clear that, when one spouse earns retirement benefits, the other spouse enjoys a “just and equitable” share, merely due to their status as married.

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Divorce increasingly occurs online, with email accounts and social media profiles playing an especially important role in the process. The online interference doesn’t end there, however. Many couples own digital property, which, like any marital assets, must be divided equitably upon divorce. Below, we offer insight into the process of dividing digital assets.

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If you’re one of Minnesota’s nearly 80,000 farmers, you face unique joys and challenges in all aspects of life — including marriage and divorce. While there’s no such thing as an easy divorce, the process can be particularly complicated when shared agricultural property and equipment are at stake. Keep the following considerations in mind as

If you are currently pursuing a divorce in Minnesota, you’re probably worried about your financial future. Spousal maintenance is a huge concern, of course, but property division also threatens to harm your financial status. Who gets the house? How will you divide retirement assets? Read on to learn more about property division proceedings in the

Alimony, property division, tax planning… the financial aspects of your divorce can cause undue stress and confusion. Unfortunately, the difficulties are far from over after you sign the final papers. Once you’ve addressed the immediate concerns of separation, it’s time to think long-term. The sooner you adjust your estate plan, the sooner you can enjoy the closure that comes with a truly completed dissolution. Get started with these essential projects:

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In parts one and two, we covered an overview of military divorce and discussed special considerations regarding children and military divorce. In our final post in this series, we’ll examine implications for pensions and alimony as well as how to advocate for your rights and a fair result.

How Military Pension Works

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