Minnesota law recognizes the right of a party to a divorce to seek an award of spousal maintenance (sometimes referred to as "alimony"). Maintenance is typically awarded when one party lacks sufficient income to meet their needs after divorce, and other party has the ability to assist.

Spousal maintenance is an emotionally-charged issue in divorce. I’ve handled many cases requiring a trial because the parties could not agree on whether alimony was appropriate, or the amount and duration of spousal maintenance. Maintenance is tricky because, unlike child support, there are no formal guidelines or formulas to assist divorce litigants in determining what

Divorce is never easy, but mental health issues can add an additional layer of complication. Minnesota is a no-fault dissolution state, so illness (whether physical or mental in nature) cannot serve as grounds for divorce. Still, mental illness can play a significant role in several aspects of divorce — most notably, maintenance and child custody.  

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After a certain age, the primary concerns of divorce change. Child custody issues give way to retirement squabbles. Suddenly, your future as a retiree looks a lot less secure. The good news? You may still retain your ex’s Social Security benefits. Read on to learn more about the role divorce plays in Social Security — and how you can maximize benefits.
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Recent changes in and proposals regarding Minnesota (and federal) legislation promise to significantly alter the divorce process. Changes to spousal maintenance arrangements are of particularly significant concern to both currently divorcing and already divorced spouses. It is important to keep abreast of such developments, as they could impact your tax return or your maintenance obligations. Read on to learn more about recent updates in spousal maintenance law:

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Republican lawmakers gathered shortly before Christmas to celebrate their crowning achievement of 2017: an overhaul of the United States tax system, including significant tax cuts for many Americans. For lawmakers, this marks a high point in a drawn-out effort, but for the rest of us, the process is just beginning. The legislation favors some more than others, and unfortunately, many divorcees may see their tax burden rise in the near future.  

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Spousal maintenance, also called alimony, allows a lower-earning spouse to retain a standard of living similar to the one that he or she enjoyed during the marriage. Once this arrangement has been established, under what circumstances can it be changed?

The alimony process aims to create fair results based on the marriage’s history, the spouses’