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Your ex hates the idea of giving you even a penny of alimony or child support. You suspect that, in an effort to minimize these payments, your ex has hidden considerable income or assets. Your response can determine whether he or she is held accountable for this despicable behavior. Follow these simple steps to uncover and respond to hidden assets:

Don’t Confront Your Spouse Just Yet

The second you discover your ex’s fishy behavior, you may be tempted to call him or her out. Resist that urge; knowledge of your discovery may drive your ex underground. This is the perfect time to obtain evidence and cement your strategy alongside your attorney.

Gather Evidence

Hidden assets can be tricky to prove, but your ex may reveal more than he or she thinks. Gather every document, photo, or other piece of evidence you suspect could prove relevant. Examples could include bank statements, withdrawals, and property deeds. Make note of strange behavior you suspect is tied to your ex’s asset hiding, even if no evidence is yet available.

Work With a Trusted Family Attorney

If you’re like many spouses, you enjoy limited access to relevant financial documents. That all changes when you start working with a skilled family attorney. Your lawyer can make formal demands for documents such as tax returns, loan applications, and financial statements. Additionally, your lawyer can seek information via interrogatories, which force your ex to provide written responses to targeted questions.

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