Parenting plans provide a viable option to argument and debate surrounding physical and legal custody labels. Rather than focusing on "what to call it," litigants focus on  the specific needs of their child(ren) and create a plan to deal with schedules, decisions, communication, transportation, and other needs that are certain to arise.

There’s no escaping it: your divorce will be tough on your children. While they may ultimately benefit from happier parents and reduced household fighting, any change this significant is bound to be challenging. Unfortunately, the trouble doesn’t end with emotional duress; your split could have a real impact on your kids’ academic pursuits both now

Once a divorce or paternity action has been initiated, physical and legal custody issues may arise, along with a need to determine the appropriate parenting time schedule.

Rather than fighting over custody labels, Minnesota law allows the litigants to simply enter into an agreement called a “Parenting Plan.”

The details of a Parenting Plan are