After entry of a divorce or custody decree, parents will often utilize the services of a parenting consultant to assist with ongoing conflicts that arise. The consultant, usually an experienced family law attorney or social worker, is given whatever authority the parties agree. The aim is to remain out of court, and keep costs down.

Adopting a child with special needs in Minnesota is like adopting any other child, with a few differences. Five things you should know about special needs adoption include:

1. “Special needs” can refer to a variety of issues – Special needs children waiting for adoption may have mental, emotional, physical, or behavioral disabilities. MN Adopt

When the dust settles from your divorce, you may find new problems on the horizon. As lawyers, we work very hard to draft a parenting time schedule that is concrete and detailed to avoid any ambiguity or need for interpretation. Inevitably, however, parenting conflicts arise. Enter the parenting consultant (or parenting time expeditor) if you