In Minnesota, child support is determined pursuant to certain guidelines. The income of each parent is taken into account, along with parenting time schedules, cost for daycare and cost for medical and dental insurance. While the support guidelines are not necessarily binding, the vast majority of judges embrace them.

Adopting a child with special needs in Minnesota is like adopting any other child, with a few differences. Five things you should know about special needs adoption include:

1. “Special needs” can refer to a variety of issues – Special needs children waiting for adoption may have mental, emotional, physical, or behavioral disabilities. MN Adopt

Divorce may create the legal end to marriages, but it does not end relationships, particularly when ex-spouses have children. The final divorce decree sets forth many conditions, and the most important settlement issues involve custody, parenting time and financial support of the children. Unless parents take legal action to change them, these terms are basically set in stone.

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No matter how carefully the terms of child custody and support are determined during divorce, few parents walk away feeling that the agreement is fair. This is understandable, considering that any time away from the children, combined with potentially fewer funds to care for them are natural concerns.

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Regardless of the overall direction of the U.S. economy, the cost of goods seems to always trend upward. This means that, over time, child support payment buying power is reduced. While child support orders often allow for Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) every other year, our Minneapolis child support lawyers warn that the adjustments are not always automatic. If you receive child support, or if you need to contest a COLA, you need to take specific action.

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Minnesota law considers the best interests of the children to be a primary factor in virtually any aspect of divorce, and providing health care is certainly a major issue. However, our Minneapolis child support lawyers warn that covering the children under either parent’s health insurance is only the most basic consideration.

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New MN statutes now make allowances for parenting time when computing the child support obligations shared by both parents. This relatively simple change adds complexity to the calculations, requiring parents to consider many underlying factors accurately to receive fair treatment.

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