Child in need of protective services (CHIPS) matters involve the county attorney, and social services, overseeing efforts to improve the circumstances a child finds themselves in. The goal is to reunify a parent with his/her child through a case plan. If efforts improve things fail, the county may seek to terminate parental rights.

Childbirth is a highly anticipated occasion for most Minnesota parents, but not all children are joyously welcomed into the world. Some newborns are promptly abandoned — and at this vulnerable stage of life, even brief abandonment can prove deadly. Thankfully, the state of Minnesota has enacted a program designed to address this issue. Known as

Minnesota’s Children in Need of Protection or Services program (CHIPS) protects children’s welfare, safety and health. Kids might be placed in CHIPS for numerous reasons, such as neglect, abuse, habitual running away or truancy. The state generally attempts to keep children with their biological parents but does place them in foster care if needed.