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Single motherhood can be a lonely experience. Many Minnesota moms lack the resources or connected community they need to thrive. Thankfully, a variety of programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of single moms. As you adjust to life as a new parent, don’t hesitate to check out these programs:

Jeremiah Program

Minnesota’s Jeremiah Program helps local families “two generations at a time” by following a holistic approach that includes housing, early childhood education, life skills training, and career development. The program also establishes a close-knit sisterhood that helps participants feel connected to the greater community. The relationships they develop through this program help them cope with the greatest challenges of single parenthood.

Emerge Mothers Academy

This nonprofit offers support services to single mothers throughout the Twin Cities. The ultimate goal? To help single moms feel more confident as parents and as accomplished women.

Naomi Family Residence

One of several valuable programs offered through the Union Gospel Mission, the Naomi Family Residence provides safe housing for local mothers and their children — up to age 10. Children involved in this program are assigned case managers who help them develop critical social and emotional skills. Programming is also provided to help adults transition back into the greater Twin Cities community.

M.O.M.S.: Make Our Moms Successful

Ideal for single moms struggling with feelings of helplessness or isolation, the M.O.M.S. program offers mentoring, family activities, and other services to help single moms feel connected and empowered. Based in Burnsville, this program is specifically designed for single moms living in Dakota and Scott Counties.

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