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Many of the cases we handle involve a high level of conflict. Our Family Wizard is a fantastic online tool to help streamline the process of parental communication during, and after, divorce.

Our Family Wizard is an online messaging and calendar system that can be monitored by the court, or a parenting time expeditor or parenting time consultant. This “supervision of communication” tends to keep parents from attacking one another, and keeps parenting time schedules in check. It’s a bit like the Google Calendar and Gmail system merged into one, with an emphasis on family relationships.

Our Family Wizard can also be a great tool for children. They can be permitted to have an account, with limited access, so that they are able to review upcoming events, medical appointments or the time they are scheduled to visit a particular parent.

While Our Family Wizard serves a great purpose during divorce proceedings, it can also serve a continuing purpose for those parents that prefer to communicate effectively post-divorce. Many of the clients we represent utilize Our Family Wizard for years following their divorce, with terrific results.

There is a fee for the service offered by Our Family Wizard, but many find that the rewards outweigh the cost. As I recall, total fees are about $100.00 per year for each user. For less than the price of a pizza each month, you may just find some sanity.

Our firm has no direct tie to Our Family Wizard, and we are simply recommending use based upon the experiences of our clients. If you have a question, call (763) 783-5146 to arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers.