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Divorced and separated couples find parenting time difficult enough to navigate in the best of circumstances, but the holidays add yet another hurdle to overcome. Even those who are typically in agreement regarding scheduling matters may struggle to see eye-to-eye when the holidays arrive. After all, no holiday celebration feels quite complete without the entire family.

With a little effort, a reasonably satisfying outcome can be reached to allow both sides to enjoy quality time with their children. Keep reading to learn how:

Make Every Effort to Establish a Holiday Routine

Future resentment can be avoided by establishing a routine early on. For example, children may spend Thanksgiving with one parent and Christmas with the other. If each parent can compromise on one major holiday, both can feel that they’ve reached a fair solution that benefits everybody involved.

The scheduling process will prove far easier over time if parents can agree early on to a system that works for them and their children. Some choose to always spend specific holidays with their children, while others prefer to alternate each year.

Share Calendars to Keep Both Parents in the Loop

Routine may make all the difference for small family gatherings, but dates often differ for larger parties. Negotiation may be needed to ensure that children can be present at important holiday functions. This begins with alerting the other parent as soon as the date of a particular event is known. For many parents, this is most easily accomplished with a shared digital calendar.

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