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Divorce may end your official marital relationship, but as parents, you’ll likely maintain some semblance of contact throughout your children’s lives. If you intend to co-parent, this contact could prove surprisingly frequent; many divorced parents check in on a daily basis. Conflict is to be expected, but it can quickly be resolved with effective communication tools and strategies, as highlighted below:

Make the Most of Co-Parenting Apps

Co-parenting apps build greater convenience into your daily life. These simple tools allow you and your ex to coordinate schedules, expenses, and more. Many also include journals and photo-sharing features, which provide greater insight into key moments that happen while you’re away.

Options abound for co-parenting apps, but not every solution is right for every situation. A lot depends on your budget and which features you require.

Favorite online tools and mobile apps include:

  • Our Family Wizard
  • 2houses
  • Cozi
  • Coparently

While dedicated co-parenting apps are often the most effective, tools such as Google Calendar can also prove useful. Take some time to examine your full range of options, keeping in mind how you already communicate and whether your current mobile strategy is effective.

Keep it Concise

Every co-parenting relationship differs, but for many, the most amicable interactions are also the most concise. This is especially true in the immediate aftermath of divorce, when lingering resentments can quickly work their way into otherwise ordinary parenting conversations. When in doubt, aim for brief and professional interactions. This applies not only to texts and emails, but also to in-person conversations.

You will find it far easier to build a desirable co-parenting strategy if you’ve already resolved your most pressing issues during the divorce process. That’s where the law firm of Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. comes into play. We assist with a variety of family matters, including child custody, child support, and parenting time. Reach out today to learn more.