The video game taboo should have died a long time ago; a recently published study from the Pew Research Center suggests that over half of Americans ages 18-49 play video games. But while gaming is more prevalent than ever, it remains mired in misconceptions. These stereotypes can plague marriages, particularly if one spouse games regularly

In a society that highlights freedom of religion as a hallmark value, interfaith marriage is bound to occur. Such unions are surprisingly common in the United States, although same-faith marriages continue to dominate. Still, statistics from the Pew Research Center suggest that nearly four of every ten Americans married since 2010 have spouses with different faiths. Despite the prominence of such couples, interfaith marriage remains shrouded in misconceptions. Below, we separate fact from fiction:

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You make important decisions every day, but not all hold the same emotional weight. Personal decisions can be uniquely difficult to make; what if your emotions steer you the wrong way? No worries; the latest research offers valuable decision-making suggestions:

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ADHD’s not just for kids; experts estimate that four percent of the adult population in the United States lives with the disorder. Some mask symptoms well; others find themselves in a state of constant disarray. For many, this spills over into romantic relationships.

Your marriage is far from doomed if you or your spouse has

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Your chronotype (a classification based on when you feel most alert) could determine everything from your ideal career to your propensity for mental health disorders. It could also spell trouble for your relationship. Sleep disturbances cause stress, which is obviously not conducive to a healthy marriage.

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The best spouses know how to listen. As you discovered in our last post, it’s not as easy as it seems. In this portion of our two-part series, we offer several additional resources to draw upon in your quest to improve your listening skills.

Psychology Today: Deep Listening in Personal Relationships

This article from Diane

Effective communication is the foundation of any working relationship. It’s particularly important in marriage, and yet, many couples struggle to truly listen to one another. Thankfully, it’s possible to build this skill over time. If poor listening contributed to your marriage’s demise, take action now to save future relationships. These resources will help:

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