Grandparents are afforded various rights under Minnesota law, including the ability to seek custody or visitation with a grandchild. Grandparent adoption is another alternative. Certain thresholds must be established in order for a grandparent to have standing to seek a court order.

One of the biggest reasons second marriages end in divorce is conflict between step-parents and children from the previous marriage. If you want your blended family to succeed, foster a positive relationship between the kids and the step-parent. Consider implementing the following tips and ideas:

1. Create a culture of respect. The family unit can’t

After an intergenerational fight, a divorce or, worse yet, the death of an adult child, grandparents worry about their rights to see and protect their grandchildren. Whether you’re convinced that your son-in-law is neglecting or hitting your grandchild or failing to feed her nutritious food; or you’ve become estranged with your daughter after a bitter