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You’ve finally made it through the whirlwind of divorce— and you’re ready to begin your life anew. Nothing marks a fresh start quite like a return to the dating market. Your desire for romantic distraction is perfectly understandable, but could your dating efforts ultimately undermine your next relationship? Read on to learn what the latest research tells us about dating after divorce:

Rebounds Help People Move On

Conventional wisdom about doomed rebounds might not reflect reality. According to an analysis of research highlighted in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, rebound relationships can be surprisingly helpful, even for those who currently still have feelings for their ex. In fact, studies referenced in this analysis suggest that those who promptly pursue new romances tend to enjoy healthier relationships. Additionally, those who seek rebound relationships may enjoy greater self-confidence.

New Relationships Strongly Impact Wellbeing

No matter your preferred timing for returning to the world of dating, take care to choose a partner who will most benefit your mental health. A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family reveals that those who enter high-quality relationships shortly after divorce enjoy substantial boosts to wellbeing compared to those who remain single. Unfortunately, those who find themselves in low-quality relationships suffer dramatic reductions in wellbeing. Essentially, this study suggests that the timing itself may not be the issue, but rather, who you end up with and how you treat one another.

Ultimately, only you can know if you’re truly ready to return to dating. Think carefully before embarking on a new relationship — but don’t let fear hold you back from a promising new romance.

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