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The separation is finalized, and you are left with the physical aftermath of your former relationship in the form of furniture, clothes, household goods, and mementos. Before you start your next life adventure, take the time to clean up your space of the things that will hold you back either physically or emotionally.

Start with your closet.

Examine your clothes, and create a donation pile that includes anything that has a strong connection to your ex-spouse. The tie you wore at your wedding: donate. The dress you wore on a first date: donate. Unless the item brings you great joy or holds memories you can’t yet relinquish, remove it from your life.

Consider the furniture.

After your former partner has removed the furniture as per the divorce agreement, look at what is left, and ask yourself what you want to keep. Some items might have strong sentimental value, such as the antique table you purchased together during a weekend get-a-way. Can you enjoy it, or does seeing it make you feel sad or angry? The answer to the question will determine whether you keep or sell it. Also, consider whether the furnishings fit your style versus the ex-spouse’s. If you love it, keep it. If not, clear it out to create a space that reflects your personality and interests.

Get rid of the mattress.

Also, toss the sheets and, if it makes you feel freer, sell the bedroom furniture as well. Bedrooms trigger a lot of memories. If you want to clear out the emotional baggage and prepare yourself to start new relationships, remove anything from this room that will get in your way.

Address the memento challenge.

Your relationship was an important part of your life, and keeping a memento or two can remind you of what you learned about yourself from this experience. True mementos should be small things that can be kept in a shoebox, such as letters, photographs, and trinkets from special events. Paintings, family portraits, expensive jewelry given or received on special occasions, and other items might hold you back emotionally. Unless you love the thing for itself, not for the memories attached to it, sell it.

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