If you’ve gone through a divorce, you understand that the challenges don’t stop once matters are finalized. As soon as all the agreements and decisions are made, you now have to spend a lot of your time figuring out exactly how you are going to follow all of the provisions within the divorce decree.

One of the biggest challenges involves all of the complex issues that go into scheduling your parenting time and/or working with the other parent. Luckily, there are tools available to assist you with this process.

When it comes to spending time with your children, you need to follow the court orders, but you don’t want to spend all of your free time trying to figure out how you are going to do that. Trying to plan your schedule can cause a lot of headaches for everyone involved. It can also cut into your parenting time.

Rather than stressing to figure out how to spend the most time you can with your children, a tool like the Our Family Wizard website can help you simplify the process.

For an affordable price, the Our Family Wizard site helps parents organize their lives so they can have one less thing to stress about. With this powerful tool, you can coordinate your shared custody time schedule and keep an accurate record of your parenting time. The easy-to-use calendar allows shared-custody parents to reduce conflict by knowing exactly what is going on.

With these resource, parents can easily trade time without having to worry about whether or not they are going to violate any agreements or lose out on their own parenting time.

Scheduling is just one of the many features that Our Family Wizard offers to divorced parents. Another big benefit is that it allows co-parents to track their expenses, which really reduces the conflict and confusion that centers around splitting the costs of child-related items (including uninsured medical and dental expenses).

The website also offers an information bank that allows co-parents to stay on top of school information and health records.

Aside from all of the tools that make life easier for parents, Our Family Wizard is also a great resource because of all of the information it offers to parents. No matter what state you live in, or what your situation is, Our Family Wizard seems to have the answers to help you simplify your life.

Regardless of what stage of the divorce process you are in, if there are children involved, then the Our Family Wizard website can help reduce the stress and anxiety of shared schedules, expenses, and many other issues that relate to child custody. You can even share your Our Family Wizard information with your attorney.

We no financial interest in promoting Our Family Wizard, and offer this endorsement solely upon the response we have received from clients who have used the site.