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Whether you’re a public figure or simply like your privacy, a quiet divorce can make your life a lot easier. Unfortunately, keeping your divorce private is easier said than done. Employ these strategies to minimize public embarrassment.

Opt For Mediation

If you divorce in court, these civil proceedings will most likely end up a matter of public record. With mediation, you enjoy far more control over what the public sees. Is mediation not a viable solution? With collaboration, you enjoy a modicum of privacy while still retaining full representation from your attorney.

Seek Sealed Records

Mediation and collaboration aren’t always realistic solutions. Depending on your situation, select legal matters can be kept private in an otherwise public divorce. Sealed records typically accompany sensitive cases involving children or victims of abuse. Unfortunately, these records could be unsealed under the right circumstances. A notable example: a Minnesota judge ordered the unsealing of records from Prince’s second divorce. The goal of this controversial move: to gain insight into the musician’s use of painkillers.

Minimize Social Media Updates

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s surprisingly difficult to apply to your own life as you deal with heightened emotions. Every tweet or Instagram picture presents a fresh opportunity for unwanted speculation. Post enough suspicious photos or status updates, and people will begin to ask questions. If you’re not willing to address the peanut gallery on Facebook, keep quiet. If nothing else, it’s prudent to avoid social media posts because your ex’s counsel can use anything you share against you.

If you intend to keep your divorce quiet, it’s critical that your attorney demonstrate discretion at all times. Schedule a case consultation with the law firm of Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. to learn how we handle sensitive cases.