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Any Minneapolis divorce attorney can attest to the fact that decisions pertaining to children are ultimately the most important issues to get right when a marriage ends. Regardless of where the children reside or the details of the visitation schedule, both parents need to play an equally active role in how the children are raised and protected. Minnesota law contains provisions to help ensure that the children of divorce continue to benefit from decisions involving both parents.

Shared Information is an Important Part of Parental Rights

With certain exceptions, the physical location of the children at any given time has no bearing on the ability of both parents to make vital decisions or be fully aware of important details in their children’s lives. According to Subdivision 3 (b) of the Minnesota Custody and Support statutes, the courts grant rights to both parents regardless of custodial designation, making stipulations such as the following in the custody order:

  • Copies of records pertaining to school, medical and dental issues and religious training, including information pertaining to the children’s health and dental insurance must be available to both parents.
  • Parents must share up-to-date information on the name and address of schools the children attend.
  • Schools must supply both parents with information pertaining to the children’s welfare, educational progress and status while offering both parents with the right to attend school conferences.
  • Parents must provide timely notification about accidents and illnesses, including the name of the health care provider and treatment location.
  • Parents must allow reasonable access and telephone contact with the children.

Naturally, judges may find any number of grounds for altering these requirements based on the specifics of a given case. Assuming a reasonably-stable family life existed prior to the divorce; however, these laws are in place to serve the best interests of the children.

Two Decision-Makers Usually Serve the Best Interests of the Children

Parents in any family may not always agree on the right paths to take when raising their children. In many cases, a healthy debate exposes vital points that helps lead parents to find the best decisions. Clearly, parents may not want to interact after their divorce is final, but as long as their children need parental judgment, they must find ways to work together.

When children are involved, the divorce decree does not mark the end of the divorce process. When parents do not keep each other informed or involved in important decisions pertaining to their children, our Minneapolis divorce lawyers can help. Whether you require help with enforcement, need to modify the final judgment or need post-divorce legal advice, call us at (763) 783-5146 or use our convenient contact form.