Michelle O’Neil, a divorce attorney with O’Neil Anderson in Dallas, Texas recently posted about an app she helped create for the iPhone: Divorce Cost & Preps. She writes:

CNN Headline News featured the Divorce Cost & Prep iPhone App created by Dallas Divorce Lawyer Michelle May O’Neil and Fort Worth CPA Bryan Rice. The story originally ran on CBS11 in Dallas on Wednesday night, but by Friday The Morning Express with Robin Meade Show on CNN HLN picked up the story and it spread throughout the US and the world.

According to O’Neil, the app serves two purposes. First, a person contemplating divorce can assess the hidden and direct costs of divorce, such as the cost of providing two houses, two wardrobes for the children, or transportation costs for exchanging the children between houses. Second, the app gives divorce clients a list of information and documents to gather for their lawyer to assist preparation of their divorce.

Divorce Cost & Prep is available on iTunes for $4.99. Lots of apps for lawyers to use, but only a limited number geared toward clients. Congrats to Michelle and Bryan for their creative success.