Many people change their name as part of a divorce. As long as you are not doing to so avoid creditors and have no prior felony convictions, you can basically change your name to anything you like. The Minnesota Supreme Court site has an overview of the relevant legal standard.

Communicating the change can be a tedious process. Here are the most important people to provide with your new name:

  1. Driver’s License Bureau;
  2. Vehicle Registration Department;
  3. Credit Card Companies;
  4. Insurance Companies;
  5. Local Post Office;
  6. Utility Companies;
  7. Mortgage Lender;
  8. Retirement Plan Administrators;
  9. State Department (Passport);
  10. Voter Registration;
  11. Social Security Administration;
  12. Employer’s Human Resource Department;
  13. Accountant; and
  14. Friends and Family.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to change your name as part of a divorce. However, you can avoid additional drafting, fees, court costs and hearings if you do so in conjunction with the dissolution itself. The change is simply included in the final judgment and decree of the court.