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It is hard to imagine too many divorces that do not begin with a significant degree of conflict. There are, of course, occasional situations when spouses simply decide they have grown apart, but most cases involve serious disagreements that the parties cannot resolve.

All too often, many individuals see the level of conflict to be virtually unbearable, but the right approach can often help them recognize that they still agree with their spouses on many issues. This recognition may not save a marriage, but it definitely simplifies a potentially complex courtroom process.

Starting Divorce with Agreement Has Many Benefits

Few negotiations are comprised of only areas of conflict. When talks involve family disputes, the most effective approach is to recognize the friendlier side of the issues before delving into areas of disagreement. Reaching advance agreement has a number of advantages, including:

  • Helping to reduce the contentious nature of the case: Identifying areas of agreement creates an atmosphere that helps ease the amount of conflict during later negotiations.
  • Speeding up the divorce process: Every area of agreement reduces the amount of time spent litigating issues in court.
  • Reducing court costs: Less time in court equates to reduced court costs.
  • Retaining greater control over the outcome: When the parties of divorce agree on an issue, those decisions do not fall into the hands of a judge who does not know them personally
  • Helping the children: When parents reach agreement on at least some issues of divorce, they often display a more cooperative spirit, which can be an effective stress-reducer for the children.

Perhaps most important, agreement on certain issues upfront helps to calm the waters when working out the more challenging areas of contention. Spouses now have the experience with a civilized approach and are often more willing to give as well as take.

The Right Process Can Help Ease Negotiations

It is likely that divorcing spouses can maintain a diplomatic climate without counting on assistance from another party. In some cases, both parties can achieve parity when negotiations include divorce lawyers dedicated to looking out for their interests. For many, however, divorce mediation is an effective tool that helps ease the conflict.

The most important first step is to retain a trusting relationship with a divorce attorney willing to go the extra mile to resolve existing conflicts. Call us at (763) 783-5146 or use our convenient contact form to obtain the sensitive, compassionate support needed to guide the entire family toward new lives.