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A variety of factors can impact response to divorce, but according to one survey, gender may be the most influential. Read on to learn how men and women respond to and reflect on the divorce experience and its aftermath.

The Role of Regret

According to an Avvo survey of over 2,000 adults, 75 percent of divorced women hold absolutely no regret surrounding their decision to divorce. In contrast, just 61 percent of divorced men lack regrets.

Attitudes Regarding Relationships and Happiness

The aforementioned study found that 75 percent of women would rather be single and happy than miserable but in a relationship. This preference is not nearly as prevalent among men, only 58 percent of whom shared women’s belief in blissful solitude. This preference for happiness as a single may account for divorced females’ aforementioned lack of regrets.

Health Problems

Divorce can take a huge toll on both mental and physical health. Physically, men often suffer more than women after ending their marriage. University of Nebraska researchers observe that divorced men are more prone to suffering a variety of diseases than their still-married counterparts. Other research indicates that divorced men gain more weight than women in their position.


Based on the findings highlighted above, women typically fare better after divorce. But while they largely enjoy better mental and physical health outcomes, their financial situation is a bit different. George Mason University’s Lenore Weitzman claims in “The Divorce Revolution” that the typical woman suffers a 73 percent reduction in post-divorce standard of living, versus a 42 percent increase in standard of living for her ex-husband.

Multiple Marriages

Women may enjoy reasonably positive health outcomes after their first divorce, but research suggests the same cannot be said for second and third separations. Those who divorce multiple times face a far greater risk of heart attack. This risk increased to a far lesser extent for men following their second divorce.

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