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Marriage Story recently made a splash on Netflix, where viewers raved about its relatable characters and life lessons. This memorable film diverges significantly from typical marriage and divorce-focused movies in ways that are definitely worth exploring for real-world couples in the midst of change. Key takeaways include:

The Reasons Behind Divorce Are Complicated

Movies tend to simplify divorce, often focusing exclusively on the role of infidelity. This portrayal does a huge disservice to an extremely complicated process that may begin years or even decades before spouses choose to part ways. Marriage Story explores these complications in-depth. Yes, cheating plays a role, but it’s almost an afterthought as compared to the clear incompatibility of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver’s characters Nicole and Charlie.

Amicable Divorce Is Difficult — But Possible

Nicole and Charlie initiate their divorce with every intention to cooperate, but the very differences that made them ill-suited for marriage lead to significant conflict in their divorce. Add meddling family members, and overly aggressive lawyers, and you have a recipe for disaster. But while the potential for divorce drama always exists, it’s also possible for couples to carve out a more peaceful path, even outside of mediation.

Ultimately, Nicole and Charlie manage to work through their differences and keep the big picture — the health and wellbeing of their son — at the forefront. They may never return to square one, but they remain a family. They are more than capable of carving out a new normal that works for them and their child.

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