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Your soon-to-be ex-spouse is bound and determined to delay your divorce. Unfortunately, his or her efforts mean more courtroom appearances, more legal consultations, and higher bills. Thankfully, you’re not powerless. These steps may help to decrease both your divorce timeline and your legal expenses:

Identify Delaying Tactics

Sometimes, it’s tough to determine whether your ex faces genuine difficulties, or is merely eager to delay divorce proceedings. Keep an eye out for the following behaviors, which may indicate stalling:

  • Canceled depositions due to medical issues
  • Never-ending excuses that make it impossible to schedule mediation sessions
  • Repeated requests for extensions
  • Refusal to respond to standard discovery requests
  • Sending a barrage of requests in an effort to bog your lawyer down with paperwork
  • Seeking a new attorney shortly prior to scheduled court dates

Determine Your Ex’s Motivation

Why is your ex stalling divorce proceedings? The better you understand this person’s motivation, the easier you’ll find it to jump-start your divorce. Common reasons for stalling include:

  • Fears of losing custody
  • Your spouse thinks you’ve made unreasonable demands
  • Unwillingness to divorce — an unfounded perception that it’s possible to remain married
  • Desire for revenge

Don’t Speak Directly With Your Ex

Your ex’s infuriating behavior may tempt you to settle matters in person, free of courtroom interference. Don’t fall for this trap. Either a lawyer or mediator should oversee all interactions.

Impose Deadlines

Your ex can only file extensions so often. Whenever possible, seek accountability through deadlines. Schedule court dates or depositions. These formal proceedings may prompt action from an otherwise slow-moving spouse.

Determine Priorities And Know When to Give In

Divorce requires give and take. You certainly shouldn’t do all the giving, but you should be realistic. Does your ex think you’re making excessive demands? This perception could be responsible for those costly stalling tactics. Determine low-importance issues you can concede so as to streamline the process and still get what you want.

Is your ex determined to stall your divorce? You need proactive representation from a results-driven family lawyer. The law firm of Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. could be your key resource during this difficult time. Get in touch today to learn more.