The vast majority of marital dissolution cases settle short of trial, often through mediation. During the mediation process, a neutral third-party will meet with the litigants, and their attorneys, to attempt to find compromise on disputed issues. Topics for discussion often include:

  • Child Custody;
  • Parenting Time;
  • Child Support;
  • Property Valuation;
  • Property Division;
  • Debt Division;
  • Spousal Maintenance; and
  • Attorney’s Fees

Depending upon the preference of the mediator, and the parties, the mediator may work with the participants in one large group, or may bounce back and forth between two conference rooms.

The mediators that we utilize are experienced family practitioners with specialized training in alternative dispute resolution. Fees for mediation are typically split between the parties. Mediators charge an hourly rate for their services.

Mediation is a much less expensive option than traditional litigation, and leaves the parties in control of the case outcome. The case may be resolved much quicker and the relationship between ex-spouses tends to be much more respectful after reaching a collective settlement. Children are the direct beneficiaries of this improved level of communication.

For these reasons, we strongly encourage our clients to participate in the mediation process. Our commitment to those we represent involves taking the least expensive road to resolution first. Certainly, if we can’t settle a case, we’re prepared to take it to trial. But, most clients appreciate our common sense approach to concluding the dissolution process.