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Perhaps your Ex posted intimate pictures of you on FaceBook, stalked you and a date at a restaurant, or spread bizarre rumors about you to your family. Take these immediate steps after your spouse crosses the line:

  1. Don’t Panic or React Emotionally.

Whether your ex sent a threatening email after seeing you on a date, or a close review of last month’s bank statements suggests that someone has been making fishy transactions, resist the urge to lash out. Instead:

  1. Contact a Qualified Minnesota Family Law Attorney for Help.

He or she can help you react intelligently to the issue at hand.

However, if you’re in danger—for instance, if your ex-spouse physically attacked you or threatened harm—go straight to the police. In such an instance, your attorney can help you later, once you’re out of harm’s way, by filing a personal order of protection (PPO).

  1. Save All Evidence.

If your ex-spouse sent a threatening email, save a copy of that email. If your bank accounts look funny, print out a copy of the statement. If he or she hurt you physically, take pictures of your injuries. This evidence can help your attorney take action through the appropriate legal channels.

  1. Think of an Emergency Safety Plan.

If you fear for your safety or the safety of your children, take a proactive approach. Move your children to a safe place and contact the police to file a report of the incident. While police reports are not admissible in a court of law, they can provide valuable information to your attorney.

The health and safety of your family is paramount. If an ex-spouse is showing dangerous or inappropriate conduct during your divorce, follow these steps, and contact your attorney.

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