Quite often, we visit with potential clients who are looking for a divorce attorney to go through the motions of drafting paperwork without offering advice concerning an agreement they have reached with the spouse. That poses a number of issues:

First, we recognize that clients do not know what they don’t know. Often times spouses will agree to divide debts, assets, or retirement accounts in a way that contradicts the law. As a result, the final divorce decree may be rejected by the District Court Judge upon review. Our lawyers can help you reach agreements that take into account the relevant law and in turn, get approved and finalized.

Second, many clients think only of the here and now. To get the most out of your decree, you want to think long term. For example, if you have children you must think of your decree as an evolving document. Build in some tools for that allow for dispute resolution and flexibility. For example, parenting time will look very different at elementary school age versus when your children are teenagers. We can offer you cost efficient solutions right away and save you time and money.

Third, concepts that may appear simple are not. Child support is one area that clients stumble over. While there is a basic calculator, the statute has many areas that allow for deviations up or down in the monthly amount. In addition, the statute covers how to allocate childcare and medical and dental costs, both uninsured and insured. It is best to determine this correctly so you can be sure what you are paying or receiving is accurate. A small error in this calculation adds up to thousands of dollars over time.