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Gossip is part and parcel of belong to a social network. Whether online or in person, we love to chat about one another. When difficult personal circumstances are involved, however, seemingly meaningless gossip can quickly escalate, to the point of causing real harm. This is especially true when divorce is involved — particularly when those who spread gossip choose sides.

Gossip may not be entirely avoidable, but how you respond can determine the extent of the ensuing damage. Below, we offer helpful tips for dealing with unwanted gossip:

Don’t Provide Fodder For Gossip

Unfortunately, gossip often begins with the subject of the chatter. Divorcing spouses can be the worst offenders. That simple admission made to your friend after a few glasses of wine could quickly spiral out of control and come back to haunt you. Likewise, your cryptic social media posts could prompt quite a bit of unwanted speculation. The less fuel you provide, the more quickly gossip will peter out.

Set the Record Straight

If misconceptions about your divorce are prompting shady remarks from those in your social circle, don’t hesitate to confront these problematic rumors head-on. There’s no need to go into detail — in fact, doing so may prompt even more gossip. Instead, simply explain that the gossipers have no idea what they’re talking about. It may also help to highlight which rumors are wrong. If you’re bothered by the mere thought of gossip, let key offenders know that you do not appreciate being talked about behind your back.

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