Ontario divorce attorney Brian Galbraith brought a new website to my attention today: Changeville. You might be thinking Obama, but this new resource is available to children whose parents who are going through a divorce.

Galbraith writes:

It teaches kids what happens when their parents separate in an entertaining, online way. The tour says “A walk through Changeville will tell you what to expect and help you deal with all the different feelings you might have and along the way there’s all kinds of fun games and activities!”

Legal words and how kids are looked after is explained on Legal Street. On Break Up Street, kids learn what can happen during the process when their parents are going through rough times. There also is a section where kids can create some art.

What a great tool for kids.

Nothing but respect for Galbraith. Appreciate the creativity behind the crafters of Changeville. But, after a stumble down “breakup street” in a “fun online world,” I found it strange to type in my feelings about being in the “messenger trap.” Kind of like a visit to Epcot Center, and taking a ride on the “The Story of Meat.” Something just seems out of place.

Am I off base? Anyone try it and love it?