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Young people tie the knot later and later these days, but many still get married in their 20s — and many divorce before they reach 30. If there is a silver lining to these early divorces, it’s that they tend to be less complicated than later-in-life divorces, which may include additional considerations regarding retirement or estate planning. Still, it’s worth exploring the unique concerns that may come into play if you seek divorce as a twenty-something. A few of these considerations are outlined below:

Financial Concerns

The upside of divorcing in your 20s: as mentioned previously, your financial situation may not yet be complicated by real estate or retirement concerns. Unfortunately, you may also lack the means to pursue a potentially costly litigation divorce. Mediation is a viable option, but it’s not ideal for all couples. Consider not only your current financial status, but also the potential long-term implications of conciliations you might make during the mediation process.

Public Perception

Often, young divorcees are less concerned about finances and more worried about how their divorce will be perceived by their friends or family members. Cohabitation may no longer be frowned upon in greater society, but those who marry and divorce early may suffer considerable judgment. Ultimately, however, divorce is an extremely personal decision; family opinions should not play into this decision. If you fear being unduly influenced by loved ones, it’s that much more important that you seek counsel from a trusted family attorney.

No matter your age when you decide to divorce, you deserve assistance from an attorney who cares. With the law firm of Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. in your corner, you can keep the stress of divorce to a minimum and gain a fresh start. Reach out today to learn more about our family law services.