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Couples who make it through the first two years of marriage stand a far better chance of also making it to their ten or even twenty-year anniversary. Many marriages end while couples are just barely emerging from the honeymoon phase, however. These divorces often differ from the splits that follow long-term marriages. If you’re ready to divorce after just a few months or years, keep the following considerations in mind:

No-Fault Divorce

As a resident of a no-fault divorce state, you need not worry about proving grounds for divorce before you can secure a dissolution. Whether you’ve been married for ten days or ten years, you can cite irreconcilable differences as your cause for divorce. This is actually of great benefit to short-term spouses, as it can be difficult to establish proof of divorce grounds after just a few months or years.

Financial Concerns

Financial arrangements can prove surprisingly simple for couples who have not been married long, in part because their assets are less likely to be considerably intermingled. Minnesota is an equitable divorce state, so all property obtained while married should be distributed fairly.

While Minnesota courts consider a variety of factors when determining property division, the length of the marriage often plays a critical role. Depending on how each spouse contributed to the household while married, the ultimate goal may be to sustain pre-marital financial arrangements as best as possible. Keep in mind that if you divorce after a brief marriage, long-term spousal maintenance is not likely; in Minnesota, this is typically reserved for lengthy marriages.

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