Whether you decide to contact our firm or speak with another attorney, you should probably speak with a divorce lawyer about your situation before utilizing the various free online divorce forms that are scattered across the internet. Our suggestion is in line with every district court judge we have encountered.

As an attorney, you can imagine we find ourselves in the courtroom quite often. Nearly every time we’re in court, we sit through cases in which the parties are attempting to divorce themselves without the assistance of a lawyer using legal forms they downloaded from the internet. The vast majority of these couples are turned away by the court for a failure to comply with the various legal requirements that must be satisfied in order for the court to accept their written submissions. Frustrated, having missed work for a second or third time, and getting no legal advice from the court, individuals that initially hoped to conclude their uncontested divorce without a lot of trouble find themselves extremely frustrated.

We are very open and honest with individuals we meet with who ask uswhether they really need us to be involved in their undisputed case. Our answer is always “Yes,” but with a rationale explanation.
Nothing we do as attorneys amounts to rocket science. We tell folks that we know nothing about engines. Certainly, we can take the time to find a manual and dig through it for step-by-step guidance on how to change the oil in our car. But, we would be left to wonder every time we turned on the key whether we did so appropriately. It is important to make sure that the oil is changed correctly. The results of doing so incorrectly can result in serious disaster. Personally, we would rather spend a few bucks and know that the job was done correctly the first time and that someone is there to make sure that if there is a problem it can be immediately addressed.

The same logic holds true in court – on a much larger scale. An attorney can make sure that all of the issues involved in your case are addressed in an appropriate manner. All of the “magic language” that the court is looking for will be included in the relevant documentation. Creative solutions can be offered to potential road blocks that you and your spouse may face. And, if a judge has trouble with the agreement you have submitted or the order you want the court to sign, a lawyer can fix it without incident.

As mentioned earlier, our work in this area is not rocket science. But, it is serious enough to warrant the involvement of someone who can make sure that it is done promptly, efficiently and, most importantly, correctly. The adage is, indeed, true: You get what you pay for. Due diligence in hiring an attorney to assist you will help you avoid the countless traps that you will have to avoid in order to successfully bring your divorce to a conclusion.