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Divorce is largely a financial affair. In an ideal scenario, both spouses would be completely honest and transparent in the interest of expediting the process — but often, financial deception is just as evident in divorce as it was during the ill-fated marriage.

Don’t let your ex get away with deceptive behavior that could destroy your ability to get a clean shake in the divorce process. With a little help, it may be possible to uncover hidden funds — and alter your divorce arrangements accordingly. Keep the following in mind if your spouse’s financial status seems shady:

Seek Evidence Before Your Confront Your Ex

Don’t throw accusations at your ex just yet; rather than stop hiding money, he or she may just get sneakier. Instead, focus on gathering evidence of problematic behavior. Obtain copies of a variety of financial records, including bank statements, credit card statements, and accounts receivable. Be as discreet as possible as you gather these records.

Turn to an Expert for Help

Not all evidence will be readily available, of course. If your spouse has made any effort at all to cover his or her tracks, you’ll struggle to find any sign of hidden money. If you’re serious about addressing this issue, you’ll want help from a professional. Your family lawyer can help you track down signs of malfeasance. Once these assets are uncovered, it will be easier to secure a fair division of property or alimony agreement.

You don’t need to go it alone at this difficult time. With a little support, you can hold your ex accountable.

Does your ex’s shady behavior have you feeling suspicious? It’s time to take action. The law firm of Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. can help — reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more.