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Do you suspect your soon-to-be ex is hiding assets? Have you noticed unknown deposits or withdrawals, strange money transfers, or cancelled checks? Hidden assets can be a challenge to deal with. It is difficult to make informed decision regarding your matter if you do not know the full financial picture.

If you suspect you spouse is hiding assets, it is time to hire an attorney. Your lawyer will help create a plan of action. This may include thorough discovery or hiring a financial forensic expert to investigate.


Discovery allows for the collection of information and documentation. It can also be a valuable tool for discovering hidden assets. It consists of requiring the opposing side to provide specific documentation. This may include financial documents such as banking statements, retirement information, investment accounts, accounts receivable, credit card statements, and more. Once discovery requests are served, the opposing side will have a specific amount of days to turn over their documents.

Forensic Accounting Experts

If discovery fails, a forensic accounting expert may be hired. Forensic accounting specializes in finding missing information. They will audit and investigate financial data to see where assets went and if there are missing funds. Forensic experts are generally seen as a last case scenario as they can be costly.

Anytime funds are missing, consult with an attorney. When making decision in your divorce case, it is necessary to know the full story regarding your financials. If you have specific questions about hidden assets or are looking for assistance with your divorce, contact our experience family law attorneys today. Contact our office at (763) 783-5146 to schedule your initial consultation.