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Most divorces are uncontested, but that certainly doesn’t imply that they’re amicable. Even the kindest, most considerate spouses may find themselves lashing out at one another throughout the duration of the divorce process. It’s only natural at such a stressful time — but this behavior can cause irreparable harm.

Struggling to keep your cool? Follow these best practices to keep your divorce as amicable as possible:

Pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution

Something about the courtroom environment brings out the worst in otherwise cooperative ex-spouses. Conversely, alternative dispute resolution may encourage you to work together to obtain a mutually beneficial outcome. Mediation and collaborative divorce are by no means the preferred option for every couple, but in the right context, these approaches could prompt a civil tone that may be difficult to achieve in litigation.

Put the Needs of Your Children First

While children can add considerable complications to your divorce, they can also help you stay above the fray and focus on the big picture. When the going gets tough, think about the example you wish to set for your kids.

Seek Therapy

Sometimes, your reasons for unleashing on your ex may be legitimate. In other circumstances, however, you may use your ex as a punching bag simply because you are stressed about the divorce process in general — not because he or she made some egregious error. Consider working with a therapist, who can ease your emotional burden and help you develop more effective communication skills. If your spouse is willing, attend couples therapy — it’s just as valuable for divorcing spouses as it is for those who remain married.

If you desire, above all else, to keep your divorce amicable, the law firm of Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. can help you achieve this goal. Reach out today to learn more about our approach to family law in Minnesota.