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Custody battles often cause more drama than the financial aspects of divorce. Couples who otherwise agree on alimony or property division come to blows over their kids’ future — but why? A few chief sources of contention are highlighted below, along with possible solutions:

Suspicion of Unfit Parenting

Most child custody battles occur when one parent thinks the other is incapable of properly caring for children. For example, one parent may have a proven history of verbal attacks, drug abuse, or criminal activity. In such situations, it’s only natural for the other parent to desire a safer environment for his or her kids. In other cases, the problematic parent isn’t blatantly unfit; he or she may simply be too busy pursuing a stressful career or occupied by other life circumstances.

Disagreements Over Living Situation

Experts advise that children maintain routine as much as possible following divorce. Ideally, kids will continue to live in the same home and attend the same school. This isn’t always possible, however, and if one or both parents intend to move, a custody battle could ensue. Parents may argue that their kids should remain in state. Others may assume that a change of scenery will do their kids well, especially if the intended setting boasts safer neighborhoods or an acclaimed school district.

Making An Ex-Spouse Suffer

A strong desire for retribution lies at the heart of many custody feuds. Angered by infidelity or other betrayals, parents may hit where it hurts the most: access to children. Unfortunately, these custody battles are the most difficult to resolve. Parents determined to cause pain can rarely be reasoned with in mediation.

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