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Child support in Minnesota is governed by the Minnesota child support guidelines. Here are some of the key elements associated with these awards:

  • Basic Support: The cash payment one parent makes to another, on a monthly basis, for the support of a child.
  • Medical Support: The allocation of medical insurance premiums and uninsured medical expenses relating to a child .
  • Daycare Support: The allocation of work-related care expenses associated with a child.
  • Child Support Guidelines: Provide the formula for determining the appropriate amount of basic, medical and daycare support by examining the gross income of each parent, the number of children, the parenting time schedule, the cost for medical insurance and the cost for work-related childcare.
  • Income: Defined as any form of periodic payment received by a parent, and certain non-periodic payments. Typically limited to wages earned in a 40 hour workweek. Income may be imputed if the court finds that a parent is unemployed, or underemployed. Bonus income and self-employment earnings present a more complicated calculation of gross income.
  • PICS: The percentage of income for purposes of child support. The Court will compare each parent’s income and the proportionate share of each becomes the PICS.
  • Deviation: While permissible, it is rare for the Court to deviate from the child support guidelines.

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