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It is not uncommon for divorcing parents to disagree on child-related issues. Even though children generally benefit from the emotional support provided by two parents, each parent often genuinely believes that he or she must have priority in the children’s lives. When conflicts arise, the Minnesota statutes dictate that both parents need to attend an education program to teach them about co-parenting and the effects of divorce on children.

In some cases, the children may also have to attend training as well. While our Minneapolis child custody lawyers see the benefits of such classes, we help countless families to reach agreement so that classes become an option rather than a legal requirement.

How the Training Law Currently Works

Clearly, any point of contention in a divorce adds stress to the children, so the law works to encourage a cooperative spirit when parents cannot agree to the child-related terms of their divorce. When both parties agree to the terms, training is not required by law.

Courses generally address issues such as the following:

  • Maintaining necessary communication between parents after divorce;
  • Transitioning children between homes;
  • Meeting the developmental needs of the children; and
  • Resolving conflicts

While some courses are available online, parents who have taken both online and classroom courses typically see benefits to attending live classes. Presenters tend to make the material more personally-appropriate, and other parents in the class provide valuable information and raise new issues to consider.

MN Senate Recognizes That All Divorcing Parents Can Benefit From Training

Some parents can easily reach an agreement on terms relating to their children. Many other couples can reach agreement with the support of experienced child custody attorneys. However, divorce is not a common activity; parents cannot accurately predict the issues that can arise with their children once the divorce is final.

This is why the Minnesota Senate recently proposed a new bipartisan bill requiring all parents with minor children to take a marriage dissolution course prior to filing for divorce.

If enacted, the new law is not intended to create a divorce roadblock, although it could potentially help some couples to reconcile. Additionally, good-cause waivers and judicial discretion can permit some divorces to proceed without the training.

Our experienced divorce attorneys are dedicated to making sure our clients clearly understand the effects of divorce on children. We encourage anyone who is considering divorce to call us at (763) 783-5146 or use our convenient contact form to gain more information on potential concerns or to obtain more information about available state-approved training classes.