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The Thanksgiving table can be a downright awkward environment, especially after a brutal election cycle. Unfortunately, the drama is at an all-time high following President Trump’s 2016 victory. This ongoing vitriol is particularly evident in Minnesota; Democrats winning big during the 2018 midterms, our state can still be classified as purple— or at least, a decidedly violet shade of blue.

It’s certainly possible for people of different political persuasions to get along or even remain married — but it’s not easy. While most evidence of family splits prompted by political disputes are strictly anecdotal, it’s clear that political strife is causing its fair share of problems, as we describe below:

Political Tension

Money and chores are often thought of as the chief source of argument between modern couples, but politics can also prompt significant tension. This observation is backed up by research; a notable Wakefield studyindicates that 29 percent of married or romantically attached Americans have suffered tension in their relationships due to the current divisive political climate. Furthermore, one in ten respondents admitted to ending a relationship due to political issues.

Life Goals and Philosophies

In marriage, political disputes do not merely reflect mild differences in opinion; they can indicate opposing philosophies and even glaring incompatibilities. For example: research suggests that liberals are more likely to be adventurous and receptive to new experiences, while conservatives tend to prefer routine. Such differences can cause difficulties even for couples who otherwise share similar political views.

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