If you are involved in any type of custody dispute, you will inevitably have to face a custody evaluator. This process can be very stressful no matter what your situation is. Ultimately, what the custody evaluator determines about you will be a major deciding factor in the type of custody you receive. When you are faced with a custody evaluation in Minnesota, it’s important to follow the advice of your attorney. Your custody lawyer understands your situation and will provide you with tips to make sure the outcome will benefit you.

Here are some tips that will help you prepare for the custody evaluation process:


You may be tempted to lie or stretch the truth during the custody process, but this will only hurt you in the end. Custody evaluators are trained to find out the truth. Lying during the process will do a lot of damage to your case.


It’s very important to understand that the custody evaluator is not playing for your team. The custody evaluator’s job is to assess the situation without bias in order to determine the best scenario for any children involved. Therefore, you shouldn’t treat the evaluator as a friend or enemy. Instead, treat the person as a respected professional expert.


Being late to a meeting with a custody evaluator will give off a very negative impression. If you are late for these meetings, the custody evaluator may assume that punctuality is a major problem for you. He or she might take this to mean that you don’t consider custody of your children to be very important.

Always try to be a little early for your meetings. If you are ever running late, be sure to contact the evaluator and explain the situation as calmly as you can.


Dress nicely and be well groomed for every meeting with your custody evaluator. If you meet at your home, be sure to have a clean home that demonstrates you are a responsible parent. It’s also important to be organized. Having files that contain important information about your children can go a long way in showing how good of a parent you are.


Although it might be tempting to build yourself up by bad mouthing the other parent, the better approach is to build yourself up by showing that you are a good parent. You don’t have to try to out-parent the other side. When it is time for you to discuss parenting concerns about the other person, make sure you stick only to the facts about parenting.

Don’t let any personal bias come out in this conversation. Make sure that everything you say can be supported by objective evidence.


During the custody evaluation process, always remember why you are involved in this situation. You are doing this for your children, so make sure you stay focused on what is actually important to your children. Always think about what is best for your children before doing or saying anything.

Custody isn’t about what you want; it’s about what is the right thing for your kids.

Lastly, you should always follow the advice of your attorney. Before you meet with a custody evaluator, your attorney will explain the entire procedure to you. Be sure you listen to the suggestions your attorney gives you.

Ultimately, presenting yourself in the best and most honest way possible will help your case more than any tricks.

By knowing how to be prepared for your Minnesota custody evaluation, you can put yourself in the best situation to get the custody you want.