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These days, the nuclear family sometimes feels like little more than a myth that we occasionally witness on reruns of classic TV sitcoms. United States Census data indicates that, while 40 percent of 1970 families consisted of two married parents living with children, this arrangement comprised just 19 percent of homes as of 2013. These changes impact not only multi-person households, but also the increasing number of single-person households, several of which involve divorced or otherwise estranged parents. Economic concerns can be considerable for all parents involved; those charged with paying child support may struggle to cover these obligations, especially if their kids reside with different parents. Below, we offer valuable advice for handling steep child support bills:

Reassess Your Budget

If you currently lack physical custody, you may have the capacity to downsize your lifestyle. This is probably not an option for your exes, who still need ample space and resources to raise your children. Take a close look at your budget and determine whether you can realistically cut back for the good of your children. For example, it may be possible to move into a smaller apartment.

Negotiate With Your Ex

Is your ex in a position to handle a greater share of childcare expenses? Are there any trade-offs you could make to secure a lower monthly payment? Be willing to compromise. If you’ve upheld your parental responsibilities since filing for divorce, one or both exes may grant you some leeway as you seek a workable financial solution.

Seek Court-Based Modification When Absolutely Necessary

Depending on your financial situation, you may be eligible for a court-based modification of child support. There are no guarantees, of course, but unexpected situations such as job loss or severe medical issues could at least temporarily reduce your financial burden.

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