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Your criminal background can play a huge role in your ability to land your dream apartment or a job you love. But while most people are well aware of the general influence of their criminal history, they have no idea what actually shows up when a potential landlord or employer completes a background check. Read on to learn what, exactly, these checks entail — and how the information they contain could impact your future.

What Your Criminal Record Might Contain

When in doubt, you can expect information on all arrests and convictions to be mentioned in your criminal record. This includes adult crimes such as felonies and misdemeanors, as well as juvenile felonies and gross misdemeanors.

While authorities are not required to report select misdemeanor arrests, they are by no means prevented from including them. Typically, law enforcement officials send arrest fingerprints to Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), which then adds relevant information to the records of the state’s official Criminal History System.

Obtaining Your Criminal Record

If you’re still curious as to what landlords or employers might see when completing background checks, it behooves you to secure your own copy of your criminal history. Written copies can be obtained in writing or by visiting the BCA office. If you submit a written request, be sure to include your date of birth, current full name, and any other names you might have used in the past. Additionally, your request should signed, dated, and notarized. BCA charges $8 for criminal record requests.

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