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Whether you’re looking to divorce, adopt, or pursue a protective order, you need assistance from a family law firm. Not just any practice will do; thorough vetting can help you choose a law firm suited to your unique needs as a client. Keep an eye out for these top qualities as you vet prospective Minnesota family law firms:

Prompt Responses

While the bulk of information will flow during face-to-face consultations, your attorney should also be available to answer questions via email or over the phone. Yes, your attorney is busy, but you should expect to receive answers within at least a day or two. If prospective attorneys take too long to respond to initial queries, they probably will also be unresponsive as you proceed with your case.

Reliable Staff

Attorneys are only as strong as the associates they keep. Not all can handle true solo work; many self-described sole proprietors work closely with skilled paralegals. Support staff plays a critical but often overlooked role in the legal process. Ask directly about paralegals and other staff members — and don’t hesitate to follow up by finding additional information on LinkedIn.

Informs You Of All Options

A trustworthy attorney understands that litigation may not be your preferred approach to divorce or other family matters. Ideally, your attorney will inform you of all options — even if doing so results in fewer billable hours. Your attorney should explain approaches to alternative dispute resolution (such as working with a parenting consultant) and provide honest insight into whether you might benefit from mediation or similar solutions.

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