Foster parenting is a worthwhile endeavor in any state, but this rewarding experience is especially worth pursuing in Minnesota, where it is strongly encouraged through financial and social support. It’s a popular option among those who yearn to care for children but cannot afford or are otherwise unwilling to go through with the adoption process. It’s critical, however, that prospective foster parents know exactly what they’re getting into — which is why we’ve highlighted the basics of foster parenting in Minnesota below:

The Scope of the Program

A fact sheet from Child Trends reveals that 7,610 children were placed in foster care in fiscal year 2015. That year, Minnesota held a foster rate of 5 per 1,000 — slightly higher than the national average. Children were most frequently placed in foster care due to previous neglect or parental substance abuse. Of those eventually exiting foster care, 65 percent were returned to their families, and 14 percent adopted.

Payments for Foster Parents

Minnesota foster parents can expect to receive considerable financial support. Depending on the needs of the child and other situational factors, foster parents may receive well over $1,000 per month, with some even exceeding monthly payments of $2,000. Additionally, parents may be eligible for occasional expense reimbursement from the Forgotten Children’s Fund.

Adopting Foster Children

Upon forming a strong bond with foster children, parents may eventually desire to adopt. Minnesota offers a path to adoption, although reunification with the child’s biological parents is the preferred option when possible. Foster parents who seek adoption may be eligible for benefits under Northstar Adoption Assistance.

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