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Amicable divorces may be the holy grail of dissolution, but often, couples bicker as much in divorce as they did while married. While some level of compromise should always be expected, you shouldn’t be the only one making concessions. Follow these suggestions to increase the likelihood of changing your stubborn ex’s mind:

Acknowledge Your Ex’s Point of View

Is there any possibility that you’re just as unreasonably stubborn as your ex? Have you offered to make any compromises? If the answer is no, it’s possible that you may need to be the first person to make a concession. This is not an easy step to take, but it could lead to compromises on your spouse’s part. When possible, aim for creative solutions that benefit both sides.

Know When Alternative Dispute Resolution Is a Good Option — And When Litigation Is Preferable

For some spouses, alternative dispute resolution can lead to a quicker and more affordable divorce. With others, however, the process becomes extremely one-sided. Think carefully about the dynamics in your marriage before you proceed with mediation. Do you suspect that your spouse will dominate all discussions? If you feel confident that your spouse will refuse to concede no matter the circumstances, you may arrive at a more favorable outcome in court — especially if you’re represented by an aggressive attorney.

Keep in mind that litigation may be required not only as you pursue divorce, but also in its aftermath. If the need for modification arises and your ex remains as stubborn as ever, be prepared to return to court.

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