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In Minnesota, the public has access to certain district court pleadings. For parties with pending matters, it is important to know how to obtain this information. Minnesota has different resources for searching court files. Some information can be found online and other information must be reviewed at the courthouse.

Cases such as criminal, civil, and family law matters are generally deemed public. Cases or filings regarding protective orders, Order for Protections, child protection or CHIPS matters, and confidential filings, such as medical records, are not available to the public.

At the Courthouse

The courthouse is a great resource for acquiring pleadings and documentation. Court administration is available to answer questions and the court has public access terminals to view pleadings. While there is not a charge to merely view the documents, there is a copy fee. The copy fee is $8 for a plain copy and $14 for certified copy. Going to the courthouse is a great option for litigants who do not know exactly what they are looking for or looking for an older pleading.

Minnesota Public Access (MPA) Remote

Minnesota Public Access or MPA is Minnesota’s court record system. It also is commonly referred to as MNCIS. Through this system, parties can search by case number, party name, or attorney name. This will show the “Register of Actions” for a case. It offers parties are a complete list of actions in a particular case. It is important to note that MPA does not show the individual documents. A party would need to go to the courthouse or use MCRO to find a particular pleading.

Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO)

As a new addition to Minnesota’s district court system, MCRO offers the public the ability to search different court file numbers for legal pleadings. Prior to its creation, parties would need to go to the courthouse or mail in a form for the desired document. In MCRO, the searcher must use the actual court file number. Once entered, MCRO will generate the pleadings of a particular matter for viewing. This system does have its limits. Files prior to 2015 may not be available and will need to be viewed at the courthouse. At this time, the available pleadings on MCRO are free. However, once the system is fully established, the court will have a fee per document.

Minnesota’s district courts have a multitude of ways to obtain court pleadings. Parties may not need to make a trip to the courthouse to obtain a particular document. They can simply search MPA for the court file number and use MCRO to find the desired document. In light of the pandemic, the remote options can be a useful tool for litigants.

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