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An unfortunate fact of foster care and adoption: many children are separated not only from their birth parents, but also from their siblings. This problem can be mitigated by parents who adopt multiple children at once, but it takes a special family to handle the added stress.

When Is Sibling Adoption a Good Idea?

When possible, adoption agencies strive to keep siblings together. Children already going through the trauma of separating from biological parents may find solace in their brothers or sisters. This approach is especially prudent if siblings enjoy a strong bond; many clearly object to even brief periods of separation.

Common Obstacles Surrounding Sibling Adoption

Sibling adoption can be a wonderful experience, but presents several challenges, as outlined below:

Financial Considerations

Often, sibling adoption is a matter of finances. While many aspiring adoptive parents can afford to take on one or two children, few can handle four or five. In such cases, siblings may be split according to age, with younger children placed in one family, and older kids placed in another.

Attachment Times Two

Forming bonds in adoption differs from the automatic rush of oxytocin that occurs after giving birth. While most adoptive parents and their children grow close, relationship building takes time. Multiple adoptees complicate matters; parents must strive for authentic attachment with each child. Bonding may occur at different rates, and adoptive parents may feel guilty for initially having stronger feelings for one child.

Siblings Process Adoption Differently

One child may adjust to a new home and family quickly, while the other may struggle for months, even years. A personalized approach will ensure that each child’s unique needs are met during this difficult transition. Likewise, if you already have children, be sensitive to their needs as your family dynamics shift.

Whether you intend to adopt one child or several siblings, you need guidance from somebody who thoroughly understands the process. The law firm of Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. will patiently address your adoption concerns; get in touch today to learn more.