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In Minnesota, even singles can adopt. If you meet the state’s requirements and pass a home study, you can be the proud parent of an adopted child. Being single, however, doesn’t mean you are in it alone. There are valuable resources for single parents online and in local communities all across the state. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Local Resources for Single Parent Adoption in Minnesota

These local resources will help any single parent navigate the world of adoption in Minnesota.

  • MN Adopt — A service and advocacy agency in Minnesota, MN Adopt offers training for adopting parents and a directory of county and private adoption agencies in Minnesota.
  • Adoption Minnesota — This service agency works with adopting parents to create a family plan, and it can assist you in finding an attorney or an agency; coordinating a home study plan; and much more.
  • Child Care Assistance — Through the Department of Human Services, the state of Minnesota provides child care assistance to families in need.

Online Resources for Adopting as a Single Parent

The following online adoption resources are useful for single parents raising an adopted child alone or for singles who are considering adoption.

1.   Rainbow Kids — Rainbow Kids is an adoption and child welfare advocacy group. On their site, you’ll find information on the adoption process, how to choose the right adoption agency, and how to manage situations involving special needs kids.

2.    Children of All Nations — One of the largest international adoption agencies in the U.S., Children of All Nations has a program for singles who want to adopt internationally and domestically.

3.   FindLaw — FindLaw is a virtual resource of legal information pertaining to adoption in the U.S. It includes information on adopting as a single parent and information specific to adopting in Minnesota.

Are you single and considering adoption in Minnesota? Call a family law attorney capable of helping you build your family at (763) 783-5146.