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Yes. Minnesota Family Law Forms are readily available online. Although I don’t necessarily recommend the “standard forms” for everyone, you might get a good sense of what issues are involved in concluding a divorce by examining the online forms.

The Minnesota Judicial Branch: has court forms tailored specifically for divorce. They also have forms for summary dissolution, joint petitions, temporary relief, answer and counter petitions, default scheduling, contempt motions and certificates of dissolution.

The Minnesota State Law Library provides divorce, spousal maintenance, finance and property, child support, child custody, temporary relief motion and contempt forms. Here is the link to the Minnesota State Law Library.

Minnesota also has self-help centers which are places that you can find helpful information, services and resources if you are not represented by an attorney.

There are also websites where you can pay for assistance in filling out the divorce forms in Minnesota. One website is called, “Minnesota Online Divorce Assistance Service.” Their online divorce service will provide you with all the needed divorce papers. You will need to follow their step by step instructions to receive the kit by e-mail for a fee.

Another website is called, “3 Step Divorce.” Their tag line reads “as hard as divorce might be, they make it easy.”