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After the turmoil of divorce, you’re ready for a fresh start — and a new definition of family. Depending on your financial situation and your current home life, adoption could be a viable means of accomplishing both goals. This path is not without risk, however. Given the weight of this decision, it is absolutely imperative that you examine your options in detail. Read on for insight into the challenges you might face if you adopt a child after divorce:

Financial Considerations

It’s no secret that adoption is expensive. Two-parent families struggle enough already, but the financial constraints can be especially significant as you adjust to your new reality. Take a close look at your post-divorce finances to ensure that, in addition to taking on the upfront costs of adoption, you’re capable of handling long-term costs such as health insurance and childcare.

Issues With Children

If you already have children, you’ll want to think carefully about how they might be impacted by adoption — especially following the emotional turmoil of divorce. Children struggle enough with the structural changes that divorce carries; they may not be emotionally prepared for the additional changes that adoption will bring. This is true regardless of your current parenting time arrangements. Tread carefully if your children are already struggling to adjust. Consider waiting until your situation is a bit more stable.

Changing Attitudes

In the midst of such challenges, adoption might seem out of reach. The good news? Society’s stance on single adoptive parents is quickly changing. If you’re able to properly plan for the challenges of adoption, you can raise a happy and healthy child on your own. Actively seek out support, be it from friends and family members or local groups that cater to single and adoptive parents.

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